Respect The Cool

by Mic Blaque

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"Respect The Cool" is about Mic Blaque taking the ultimate risk as an artist to bring something new to the world of music and breaking out of the box that Hip Hop artists often get placed into. Mic Blaque follows that natural creative instinct without any worries of everyone accepting it.


released January 28, 2014

Mixed by Mic Blaque
Mastered by A.D. Liles of Grade A Productions
Artwork by MoNae Mayweather (



all rights reserved



Mic Blaque New York

Mic Blaque is an engineer, musician, and song writer from Brooklyn, New York.

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Track Name: The Art, The Cool (Prod. by A.D. Liles for Grade A Productions)
[Verse: Mic BlaAnnotateque]

Embrace the masterpiece
Basquiat canvas be
Keith Haring
Bass bearing, underneath a canopy
Rain can't touch this
Hog spit on your substance
Weak emcees touch the mic, the mic turns into a musket
You got a better chance giving daps to Edward Scissorhands
Or doing the rain dance in the rain forest with Tarzan
This that underestimated dope shit
Don't be confused by them stars, we the ones that the scopes get
I'm the nigga they hate
You the nigga they use to get blacks to assimilate.. you can't see the fake
I'm Jack Johnson, while y'all be Jackie Robinson, fully unaware of the false promises that they promisin'
Mayday! Mayday!
Hip Hop's in a frenzy
Rip your weak rhymes up and turn that shit into confetti
I see you blowin' up, I guess your time is right
You the man now, yea, even a dyke
We celebratin' life
While y'all spend y'all whole existence fightin' your mirror image, nigga fix vision
20 car collisions
One stroke from this pen is paintin' that type of image
Buildin' up ya wisdom
This beyond religion
I'm bringing them hells to heaven, serving them dishes out of Hell's Kitchen
What's your intentions?
Niggas confused
Do they do it for the art or maybe the jewels?
Welcome to flight higher learnin'
Non-believers tell me, what the hell you so concerned with?
Words from the sermon, help you get up off your burden
Your American dream consist of whips that be German
So even if you sleep, contradictions- they be up working
It's unbelievable how you haters be so observant
Be same ones in front row, tryin' to see pass the curtains
Haters would stop your shine, always tryin' to play like curtains well fine..
Ain't nothin' for me to open those blinds
Got a whole team of leaders still manage to form a line
Niggas think it's that deep, you lames is too deprived
Y'all follow Einstein, Egypt had it before his time
Shit I spit is dope, dope fiends sniffin' my lines
Fucked around and got sober, check your pulse
We living our dreams
Success so close
My style is vintage like the shit up in your attic
Case their CD's up in wool and pray to God for some static
See, I was rockin' gold since Illmatic, so please don't tell me nothin' 'bout carrots you silly rabbits
Destined for greatness muh'fucka, we established
Black Power..
There's your answers, for all you skeptics..
I do this for the culture
Djemba drums play
Uh, now watch what that Yama display
Uh, against the odds..
Breaking they rules..
Since y'all don't really get it..
Track Name: Inspiration (Prod. by EL-S Beats)
[Verse : Mic Blaque]

Fresh up out the studio
Workin' hard
We don't even see the mornin' though
Feelin' tired
I can't help the fact I'm yawnin' though
Just preparin' for that one day I be tourin'
Man I'm on it
Chasin' my goals
I can feel it in my soul
Don't let procrastination take hold
Leave ya set backs
Where they rest at
Cause it leave you in a death trap
I pray to God that we gon' make it
Hate to see my momma struggle
Lord knows she need some changes
All that pain that she faces
Only God knows how she takes it
Now they say I work too hard
Y'all don't know my motivation
What the fuck
Pressing my luck
Fear, I never knew such
Sky's be the limit my nigga
We driven my nigga
Don't let them determine ya vision my nigga
Like what..


My inspiration just don't let me sleep (4x)
Tell me what I don't know
Work hard is all that we know
Motivate is all that we know
And we ain't knockin', we kickin' in doors

[Verse 2: Mic Blaque]

Let motivation take a hold
I'm gonna motivate my niggas to grow
Let's build that shit off that floor
Cause I can't take it no more
Want to talk about dreams
Fuck that
Go get it
Work hard
Work hard
Givin' up ain't livin'
Don't let the glass ceilings make you feel like you winnin'
Don't let it go
Don't let it go
Gotta do it for the distance
I told my brothers we gon' make it
All it takes is inspiration
Fuck leavin' the hood
We gon' change it
You see this bond
You see this bond
They tryna break it
The pressure is on
Through rhythm and song
We livin' beyond
The ghetto is real
The connections we build
Uplifting the music
The energy's real


[Verse 3: Mic Blaque]

Fresh up out the studio
Workin' hard
We don't even see the mornin' though
Feelin' tired
I can't help the fact I'm yawnin' though
Just preparin' for that one day I be tourin'
World so bigger than the block
On a different land
Now they like..
"Damn, that's the shit he be talkin'"
Hope that they understand the future is bright on that road
Now homie keep walkin'
It's like y'all not dreaming enough
Don't understand, emotions I'm feelin' and such
This music is more than a crutch holdin' me up
Momentary feelings
Momentary vision
Everybody want to ride for the moment
Can't ride it out 'til the end
This is my life.. no longer pretend
Everything planned out.. not on the whim
Homie, we win


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